Deer Antlers Design Engraved Pocket Knife, 4.5" Folding Pocket Knife For Men with wooden black box, Laser Engraved Personalized Pocket Knife For Men, Hunting Knife, Custom Knife For Men

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"A stylish and handy pocket knife with a folding blade an essential for outing, camping, hiking, or even in home-based activities. This tactical knife is a special gift for anyone and especially for hiking and camping person.
Our Customized knife with the black wooden box and its size is 6-inch width X 4 Inch length X 2in height. Our personalized knife has a 3.25-inch long stainless steel long blade with a 3 mm thick knife which also helps rope cutter, can opener, and glass breaker. This knife contains a burl wood handle with a belt and pocket clip so convenient to carry the knife.
Item Details:
Blade: 3CR13 Stainless Steel
Handle: Brown Color Wood
Full Length: 4.5 Inch
Blade Length: 3.25 Inch
Box: Black color Keepsake Wooden Box"

  • Make a personalized gift for anyone to present this amazing and practical customized knife to gift on any occasion. Personalized gifts are always an ideal option and a knife with a custom touch is a practical gift to outdoor persons. It is a tactical knife with stylish designs and a sharp-edged stainless steel blade.
  • Solid Blade: A perfect 3.25" shard edged partially serrated 3CR13 stainless steel blade gives an intuitive look to the knife. It is 3 mm thick and perfect stainless steel can handle any job.
  • The perfect engraved pocket knife comes with the stylish keepsake pine wooden box with black paint. The box size is 6-inch width X 4 Inch length X 2-inch height. The 5 oz weight knife comes with an engraved wooden box.
  • "How to Order: You can easily order the personalized product by clicking the right side with the customize button and share the contains to engraved it on the knife and wooden box.
    Note: Just share the accurate details that you want to engrave it on the knife and wooden box."
  • Product Quality: Krazy case gives 100% quality of the product with the ultimate engraving on the knife and wooden box. As a customized product still, it delivers the product in the mentioned shipping days with the proper quality.